“Beat Up Kidz”/”ijustwannaluvallthetime”


Bad news, everyone. Ben’s back. The office atmosphere is laced with Scottish accented expletives composite of vowels. It certainly feels like some time ago that we last on the receiving end of our homeboy’s very-lengthy and even-more-dragged out sentences that usually commence with an “errrrrrrrrrrrrm….”, during which we can ascertainably time ourselves in terms of how many work-related tasks we can complete by the time it takes our guy to actually ask us or tell us whatever it is he is trying to get out in the open. One of the many reasons we love this chap. As you all know, Ben has been out at M For Montreal for the last week or so doing god-knows what. In the last couple of days we have spent abroad ourselves – which, given that it was a work-related trip, nevertheless represented some small respite from the desk-bound duties that have dominated our life ever since festival season came to an ostensible end – we have managed to procure written agreements in relation to one or two things. Since Ben has been away for a week, he has come back with a lot of bands for us to check out. Both the pinnacle of efficiencies in their own mutual respects, we’re sure you’ll agree. One of the bands that Ben has conveyed to us, suitably marked with a “you will absolutely fucking love this” as a testament to just how well the dude knows us, is called The OBGMs. This stands for The Oh Baby Gimme Mores. These are two very good reasons for us to be fully invested into possibly the second-coolest looking new crew that we’ve seen this year (we’re not telling you who is occupying the top spot just yet); but lets add onto this that having lived with the audio for Beat Up Kidz and the rather-insane looking performance video for ijustwannaluvallthetime that we’re very much sold on the music. The music indeed – it seems to be an awesome blend of gritty indie rock coupled with more punkier elements. At times we are reminded of Household Name Records alumni Capdown in several instances during the latter track. Generally-speaking, however, we’re thinking a spicy combination of The Ramones, Arctic Monkeys, Fidlar, Be Your Own Pet and The Horrors. It’s bloody delicious. Get involved.

The OBGMs – Beat Up Kidz


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