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All in all, thudding good week y’all. Thudding good indeed. Sure, we had some mishaps along the way – forgetting how to speak while viewing potential new office spaces at Tileyard, spilling soya milk on ourselves (it DEFINITELY was milk, and nothing else, you gits), and leaving our phone charger in other people’s place(s) of work definitely featured high up there in the whacky KM world of fuck ups. But on the balance of things we’re noticeably less strung out than we have been in previous weeks, save for getting wind of a few people we thought we were sort-of chums with having a good old bitch about yours truly. They don’t know that we know. But we know that they don’t know we know, and we know that although it is better that we don’t know, now that we do know we kinda want them to know that we know. Actually, fuck it, we don’t really like them either and look forward to the next music industry-style encounter where we pretend to have a desire to “catch up soon” despite that we really don’t have anything in common both in terms of hobbies or general lifestyle choices. That’s what we do, y’know? Because we are using each other. Think of us in one massive bumming circle at least half populated by people you don’t like very much in some kinda fucked up Human Centipede ensemble. Anyway, contrasting to this time last week – it was those fucking spreadsheets mate. We’re not quite done with them we suspect, but for now we are done with that crap which has allowed us to focus on things that we actually enjoy. Like this. We’ve spent a good hour or so trudging through music that we usually don’t have time to latch our ears onto, and we’re glad to say that current Track Of The Day’er Cape Cub was measurably at least 10-15 spaces from the top of the list, so you can rest assured that we’re actually really trying this time round. We do not have much information on this guy – assuming it is indeed a guy – other than that he is from the North East regions of this country, and that John Kennedy gave him a spineroo on t’XFM doo-dah not too long ago. The music is deliciously downbeat and melancholic, which really suits this shitty-ass weather we’ve been enduring for the vast majority of today, and we’re as sure the current burst of blog action that Latern is riding at the moment is set to continue as we are that there is plenty more where this came from. Comparisons-wise, we’re thinking along the lines of Chet Faker, Parla and Khushi. See youse on the flip-flap and have a ruddy good weekend.

Cape Cub – Lantern

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