“Killing Time”


Guess what happens if you speak to people at super-loud volume levels (in an attempt to deal with the excessive ambient background noise of other people talking to each other at super-loud volume levels) for about, dunno, 6 hours or something? You lose your nasal and often-monotoned voice, that’s what. Unashamedly on a charm offensive, we certifiably became everything we used to/still sort of hate as we embarked on a lengthy music industry schmooze fest. At certain points we had to interrupt Remi Miles‘ conversations with a plethora of chums he hadn’t seen in some time following his rather-electrifying performance at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen last night with a rather cuntish “sorry, can I borrow you for a minute? I just want to introduce you to [insert important person’s name here] who is [insert important person’s profession and position within organisation here]”. We are surprisingly good at it too. As a result of these conversations last night, we have had little-to-no time to ourselves today, and have indeed for the last several hours have had to field several phone calls with a make-shift hands-free kit (i.e. our headphones) whilst typing emails and…blah. All the stuff we usually do. Anyway, the complete antithesis of this sentiment comes in song title form from London duo Dolls, who present to us all current Track Of The Day Killing Time. More like time is killing us today. As you can see via the wonderful depiction of the band above, Dolls are in fact two humans, one of which is a big bearded boy, and the other is a guitar-slinging girl. We know what you’re thinking. Two pieces. So hot right now. They sure are. Recently-surfaced and soon-to-be-released single Killing Time draws on the more promising elements of Band Of Skulls, Julliet & The Licks and Wet Nuns, as well as deeply reminding us of our own pals in John J Presley and whoever sang that song that goes “dooooooon’t yew waaaant somebody to loooooooove” who’s name we forget/simply don’t know – and on the basis of this, we’re expecting better things yet to come from this lot. Single is launched in the live context at The Betsey Trotwood on 28th of this month. So, like, go see em.

Dolls – Killing Time


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