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Halt Ever
“Caught”/”Growing Pains”

Halt Ever

They say that in space, no-one can hear you scream. We’ll supplement that allllllllll-byyyyyyyy-myyyyyyyyyyseeeeeeeellllllf mentality with offering up our own pilfering paraphrasing, namely “in the Killing Moon office, no-one can hear us cough”. That’s right. We’re on our larry bloody pringles again. Ben has fucked off to Canada, which we previously mentioned, and currently soaking up all the North American love he possibly can (based on our own love and witnessing the love delivered unto Ben from many different corners of the globe, he can sustain an awful lot of love). Ross is, we dunno, graduating or something like that. We have been left to look after the proverbial kids whilst those two are basically gallivanting – hence we have no one to moan to other than you lot about how our body is slowly but surely is succumbing to a ninja strain of man-flu that Iida decided to bring back from Finland. She’s fine, by the way. We’re not. Helping keep our energy levels up – and we do need to get better rather quickly as we’re off abroad ourselves next week, for BIDNESS reasons – as well as making us feel slightly less isolated from the rest of the pack (although Paul Humphreys popped over just now to say “fuck you” and invite us to Mallory Knox next week) are Australian unit Halt Ever [insert semi-regular props to Jonathan Garrett for slinging these guys in our general direction]. They play loud, hard, fast, and in every other which way that allows us to further our fondness of the plethora of genres that subsist under the wider guitar music remit. And, upon listening several times in the last hour or so, we have decided that there are indeed several similar-yet-different presences by way of influences here – the sleek lo-fi stylings of the former love of our lives Little Death; the epic post-rockiness of Manchester noise-merchants Embers; the punk rock intensity of The Buzzcocks (particularly in references to one half of our double-deliverance of our current Track Of The Day, Caught) and Husker Du (second one, Growing Pains) and the eerie vocals of Joy Division. Good. Real good.

Halt Ever – Caught

Halt Ever – Growing Pains

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