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Joy Surrender

The end is in sight. With these expenses, we mean. Yeah, we know you don’t give much of a shit but this has plagued our world since at least last Friday. Answering the ostenible enquiries such as “why did you spend £53.12 on the 5th June 2014?”; “just how many Facebook posts did you personally promote, and for which artists, specifically, on each occasion?” and; “what the bloody fuck is the Dog & Duck in Worthing?” is pretty much a full-time endeavour in its own right. Tim found us in near-floods of tears when he came back to the flat yesterday evening, in addition to seeing us sitting in dusky-darkness (as is the case around 4pm these days) and only being able to muster up the same sort of conversation as you might expect from someone supposedly possessed by the devil and reciting the satanic verses over and over (in our defence, we sounded way more like Chewbacca when he’s feeling a bit sad). It was not pretty. Anyway, all meetings have been cancelled and we are not leaving this desk until we can conclusively marry up our shitty personal accounts with our even-more-unkempt diary to work out where we where and just what the hell we thought we were playing at. At which point, we shall almost certainly hire a personal accountant who will presumably do this shit for us. Appropriate soundtracking, doubly so given the crispy winter atmosphere that has gripped West London and meant that we can wear all of our stupid jumpers again, arriveth in form of a guy from Winchester called Joy Surrender, with a song called Escape. The real name of our protagonist is Tristan Irvine, and this is his solo project. Which logically follows that he has, or indeed will have, projects that are not so solo (hey Tristan, if you wanna called your other-band Not So Solo, then that’s cool by us. We can come up with band names all the time. You can also have You Go Glenn Coco because we’ve been meaning to employ that name for our own band for some time now but no-one else wants to join. Here’s hoping you fare better than we). Anyway, this track seems to have the office slightly divided, which is an accolade in itself because we are just so very used to everyone just agreeing with everything we say, kissing our A, etc. We think this sounds like Beach House clashing with Imogen Heap, and this guy looks a lot like a guy we used to listen to a lot called Patrick Wolf. Ben, suffice to say, thinks differently, but we reckon Ben only likes artists that are from in/around the Oben area. If you don’t know where Oben is, Ben will happily tell you that as well.

Joy Surrender – Escape


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