It did cross our mind to pack it all in yesterday. Or this morning. Can’t remember. We think we may have even meant it too. The reason we uttered this now-paraphrased sentiment via our whiskey-laced mouth (that was some expensive-ass shit you were buying, Jon Mac. Reeeeeeeeeal expensive) to anyone who gave enough of a shit to listen was due to to having just witnessed two back-to-back shows from a band that meant so much to us whilst we were growing up (we’re still growing up, FYI, and hence they still mean as much if not more than they did to us circa 15 years ago) in a live platform we put together collectively that up until February this year did not exist. The band are called Idlewild, by the way. And they played in one of our crappy club nights yesterday; the King’s Sessions specifically. We don’t know how, or indeed why. Ask Ben. Ben did everything. Ben’s doings made us weep openly (during You Held The World In Your Arms on round one, and American English on round two, FYI). The bastard. We highly doubt we’re ever going to forget what happened last night despite attempts to kill as many brain cells as alcoholically possible (without losing one’s composure, mind) immediately afterwards. Gently helping us survive this day – and we do have a lot of work to get through, so no party-hardiness for us tonight given that we’re now in penitent-man mode – are Australian duo GRRL PAL, who have punched-kicked-smashed-walloped their way right to the top of the unsolicited email pile by virtue of new and/or current efforts Paradise and Amazon. So we’re playing the double-whammy Track Of The Day card here. Fucking deal with it because we’re hardly in the mood for your sass today. This also coincides nicely with the first-ever occasion that we have received an email from someone legit-called Daniel Craig. Presumably the most recent James Bond isn’t repping this lot, but given how icy-cool this ensemble are both visually and sonically, we wouldn’t be super surprised if that indeed turned out to be the case. The email also states in all its informative glory that GRRL PAL “have to be” compared to Cults, Grimes, and Crystal Castles. Because we are in a particularly subborn-fuck mood right now, we are only going to give them Grimes, particularly in reference to Amazon. We are also going to give them Laurel, Dems, One Bit and MØ. Yeah, take that, that, that, and also fuckin’ that, you lot.

GRRL PAL – Paradise

GRRL PAL – Amazon

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