Been a while since we succumbed to the pressures of the Killing Moon Fuggin’ Blog Post In Five Minutes challenge. But hey, we like a challenge. So challenge accepted, HERE WE FUCKIN’ GO. What have we done today? Well, let’s just focus on one of those many, many things in a vain attempt to actually keep the majority of this editorial relevant to the supposed subject matter, and perhaps a good thing to do in this respect is talk about where we were tipped off by current Track Of The Day’ers Monogram. Following a botched-up rendezvous with one of several billion management clients that we apparently look after – turns out there is a massive difference between Picadilly Circus and the Picadilly Line – we went and linked up with a lawyer chum in regards to the aforementioned member of said-clientelle. That guy told us about these. Cryptic, cryptic references there. In a way, that’s what Monogram in their current state are about as well – don’t worry about the image so much, and just concentrate on the music. At least that’s what we assume champions of what is now our current Track Of The Day thus far – including Radio 1’s “Big Philly Style” Taggart and Clash Magazine – have focused on thus far in their, well, championing exercises and in their respective ways. After a quick blast on the KM office stereo, in the red corner we have cries of “Fleet Foxes, ya fucker” and “come on, it’s clearly a bit Eliza & The Bear“; and in the blue corner, assertions of “it’s a bit Prides innit” and “is this the new Bastille?”. We’ll leave you to decide which colour is Ross, and which is Ben.

Monogram – Romance

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