“Up For Hours”


A very “American evening” was had by us, who is we, this one just gone past. At least, that’s what our new friend Hamish (he manages a delight called Lapsley – she done got signed by XL Recordings, dontchaknow – and has been rolling with Draper for a bit this year and all, which is nice) described it as. How do we know Hamish is our new friend? Why indeed. What is the price of friendship these days, as far as we’re concerned. Why, it is a double chicken fillet pitta (lemon and herb, not because we’re a pussaaaaaaaay, but because it is delicious) with cheese, with garlic bread and peri-peri fries. Otherwise known as the Nando’s Golden Spesh, as far as we’re concerned anyway. Yes, to be our mate, you must buy us chicken. Anyway, if by “American evening” our guy Hamish meant tapping up Prides (way to go chaps and props to our lifelong chum Ally McCrae for looking after them and generally being a boss at life) at Barfly for a grand total of 10 minutes before realising how fucking late we were for the Troupe Records launch thingy at the now-world-famous Kings Head. And by fucking late, we mean that we successfully missed the entire thing. Hooray for us. Given yesterday’s gallavanting including and beyond the aforementioned (t’was a looooooong day on our feet dudes. Real long), we are still in the bloody office and late for our goddamn date. Keeping our spirits moderately high and our eyelids just-about open is this punk’n’roll effort from Hull people Mother. A mother featured prominently in our day, when we were pleasantly surprised to have Laurel‘s mum hanging out in the office with us, providing a much needed and very light-hearted relief from doing fucking accounts. Cheers, Laurel‘s mum. Anyway, there’s vibrancy to this bugger; not to mention aptness in relation to our current situation given that our current Track Of The Day is called Up For Hours. Nice. We’re getting punk rock underpins vis-a-vis Ramones or The Clash, with perhaps a bluesy take on the slightly distorted vocal which reminds us of The Family Rain, delivered in the same sort of intensity that we would imagine Slaves or Youth Man deal out on the reg. Have a good couple of days off yo. We’re working this weekend. Goddammit.

Mother – Up For Hours

Might as well, seeing as we’re still bloody here innit.

Mother – The Blue Moon

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