Anyone else feel like they’ve been robbed of a night of sleep right now? We don’t get it. Stayed in office till 8pm. Got home with additional cargo of food from co-op destined for the cooking pot for the first time in, like, a million years (as far as we’re concerned) in a vain attempt to impress ladyfriend and Tim-friend by way of showing that we don’t live out of a KFC bucket ALL the fucking time. Konked out. Went to bed. Annnnnnnnnnnd then woke up what appeared to be 5 seconds later. Having consulted a number (well, two) of people this morning, everyone seems to be in a similar state. Have we been abducted by them alien thingies and they had their way with us over an 8-hour period? Yeeeeah, think about that for a sec. Or perhaps we’re all living in The goddamn Matrix. Or something. Anyway, although this hasn’t improved our ability to write about anything of any consequence to anyone ever, we’re not prepared to let the energy slump salt our game. Too much shit to do. Spurning us on this sleepy-yet-surprisingly-crisp Autumn afternoon is a debut-ish effort from new-ish guys (or guy and gals) Masakichi, which is called (somewhat in stark contrast to outside’s seasonal goings-on) Spring. We recognise at least one of the principal band members as our friend-from-when-we-used-to-roll-with-Worship Hattie in this particular line up. S’up Hattie. Anyway, we don’t know what Masakichi means – it sounds like some sort of delicious sushi – but we do know it is real hard to say ten times in quick succession, as we’ve just witnessed Ben Soep try to do; which is even more hilarious. Go on, give it a go. And while you’re doing that, listen up to this 6 minute display of indie rock brilliance which resides between the sonic worlds of The Joy Formidable, Silversun Pickups and Scanners. It really is quite excellent.

Masakichi – Spring

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