CMJ. Seeeeeeeee emmmmmmmmm juuuuuuuuuuuuy. Are we pissed off that we’re not going? People have indeed tried to wind us up about it this week, whether directly or indirectly. Jon Mac and buddy-boy Andy Savours were giving it all “oooooooooh you’re going to miss out big time, you twat” on Friday night whilst we were positively crushing them at some kinda weird miniature and/or crazy golf course on Friday night as some equally-weird pop-up bar in Shoreditch (yes. We were in Shoreditch. On a Friday night. All kinds of mental going on up in here), and on the basis that such a wind-up was not enough to salt us at our apparently-not-as-shit-as-one-might-have-thunk game, we’re of the opinion that we really don’t mind all that much. Plenty of things to keep us busy here; namely contract hell. At least this is not accounting hell. Contrast to last year, where we kicked up such a fuss that we needed to go to New York’s own discovery/crawl-style musical event that our buddy Alexis decided to whack us on the panellist’s list, and subsequently we didn’t even go because Rogue decided to get himself on tour with Downlink and Zomboy and Excission and those kinds of dubsteppy heavyweights in a rather selfish attempt to, y’know, have a career (this apparently concerns us as his appointed management), and we guess we’re pretty chilled out about the whole thing in general. That being said, Toronto peoples Weaves are making us triple-guess our current position on everything. Equally sloppy as they are articulate, current Track Of The Day Shithole is probably the signature anthem that stoners worldwide have been waiting for since Afroman decided to list all the things in song format that he could have done were it not for his, um, situation all those years ago. We imagine this is going to be adopted by your Pitchforks and your Primaveras very shortly (fucking good, says us) on account of just how ridiculously cool this not only sound but also how the Canadian foursome look. Music-wise, we’re thinking The Pixies doing The Thermals doing Pavement doing Lemonheads doing Yuck doing Wet Paint. That’s a lotta doing.

Weaves – Shithole


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