“End Of The World”/”Morgan Freeman’s Birthday”


We got picked on by a schoolchild on the way into work this morning. Well, ok, let us revise that statement. By “picked on” we mean “shoulder-barged-into-to-impress-the-person-in-question’s-school-buddies” who took great delight in bearing witness to this display of male dominance; by “schoolchild”, we mean one of those weird stages of adolescent development whereby, in the words of one Britney Spears, one is “not a girl, [but] not yet a woman”, or indeed the male equivalent thereof (although we try to respect people’s privacy wherever possible) where the person in question appeared to be several imperial feet above our own height and built like a motherfucker despite being in the 14-16 age bracket (we really should have market-tested a few records on this guy); and by “morning”, we mean circa 11am (we had Looks playing our return to the Barfly last night, innit). Whilst we found solice in a seemingly overuse of the almighty c-word in response to such open aggression – we have learned, indeed from our formative educational years, that if they outnumber you, get real familiar with the flight-end of the adrenaline spectrum – we were nevertheless reminded of our brattier moments when we were about the right age to grow our own bum-fluffy facial hair. The perfect soundtrack accompaniment to this somewhat convoluted sense of nostalgia comes in form of Melbourne men Singles. Bratty is their business, vicariously handed down to the masses by virtue of the near-note-perfect garage punk that they like to serve up on y’all asses. From what we can tell, of course. We have been listening to them for all of 10 minutes in the Killing Moon office and it’s one of those rarities where Ben Soep gets into it. So you KNOW shit is good, if that’s the case. Music-wise, we’re feeling something that exists along the following lines: The Dandy Warhols (particularly in reference to End Of The World, which reminds us more-than-a-bit of Blur‘s Coffee & TV with THAT bassline and/or chord progression in the verse); Supergrass; Jet (not just cos they’re Australian either. Or they might be New Zealandish. WHAT ARE THEY?); The Vines (same again. They’re definitely Australian) and Ben has offered up The Hives. Well, actually we did. Ben just said “y’know that band in the suits that play Reading? Yeah, sounds like them mon”.


Singles – End Of The World

Singles – Morgan Freeman’s Birthday

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