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We’ve done fuck-all work today. Well, that is at least our perception of the situation that was the perpetual meeting-fest that largely constituted today. We’ve spent more time on the office sofa today than we ever have before – well, the most time spent conscious on the sofa anyway, we may have had a cheeky sleep for about 30 minutes or so before heading out to Camden for a beer meeting and a kebab in a cab dinner last night, ahead of watching We Were Promised Jetpacks absolutely croooooooooooooooosh the living fuck out of The Lexington – having conversations with a number of different people from a plethora of different disciplines within the great musical industrial bits and/or bobs. We were particularly delighted to see one Kevin Graux, who indeed was one of the few individuals from back in the day when we were a whipping boy at Fucking Hell Records that we got on with super-well. Seriously, good to see ya Kev. While indeed we are now facing the prospect of staying in the office till silly o’clock this evening due to the fact that we have some several hundred messages to respond to, all of which have arrived today, we’re not too unhappy that we at least have the electro’d-up indie stylings of Human Human to keep us warm company on this freezing-ass evening. These guys are from Quebec. That is in Canada. Which is on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Which is in The World. Etc, etc. These guys dropped us an email with little-to-no information about, well, anything other than saying they have a new song called Lips; and actually, that’s just perfect for us. Interestingly, Ben Soep has become a fountain of musical knowledge by way of comparative references for this lot, and has come up with the following in regards to our current Track Of The Day: The Killers. Interpol. The Bravery. Right on, Benjamin. We’d also like to chuck into the hat that we reckon that this sounds a bit like all those things, but with Jarvis Cocker of Pulp-kinda fame doing his nonchalant vocal thing all over it. Have a goosey.

Human Human – Lips

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