“You Didn’t Need My Love”


If there’s one habit that we’ve picked up since last week, it is eating. We’ve heard for some time that people like to eat. For, y’know, living/energy purposes, that sort of thing. Other people like to breathe, and move, and other stuff. Its cool. But for us, it isn’t really that commonplace for us to consume sustenance stuff during the daylight hours. Don’t really have the time. Must keep moving, must go faster etc. But since larging it up in the motherland, we have discovered our lot are particularly adept at sitting down lots and devouring what appears to be an endless supply of carbohydrate and protein (and sporadic cups of tea, where applicable). To us, that’s meat and bread. And fuckyeah do we ever love meat and bread. Whilst this is probably good news to the more concerned-about-our-health demographic of our friendship circle, it is not such good news for us personally given that we’re convinced whatever enzyme has helped us metabolise like a motherfucker over the last 29 years – to give the impression to the world that we’re not clinically obese – is going to leave us fairly shortly and everyone will see us for the big fatty that we truly are on the inside. Absolutely none of this has anything to do with current Track Of The Day You Didn’t Need My Love, from current Track Of The Day’er Ánders, other than we’re richly enjoying the invasion of his dulcet vocal tones into our earholes which effectively blocks out the annoying chewing noise we’re projecting around the office (there’s some left-over Papa John’s from yesterday, you see. And it is delicious. Stop making it so delicious and we’ll stop eating it. Make it shit). But perhaps a bit more than that, there’s very little to not fall in love with about this song. As previously mentioned, we’re a slave to the particular vocal groove that this strapping lad from Switzerland via Australia (but seemingly resident in London at this particular moment in time), and find it very difficult to not succumb to the awesome chill-power of the musical composition given that we’re in a pizza coma right now. Fans of the Sivu‘s, the Parla‘s and the Alt J‘s might well wanna get involved with this. And the bugger’s made it available for free download. Ain’t that just something.

Ánders – You Didn’t Need My Love

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