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Over Sands

We’re not even halfway through our first day back in the KM Tower of Power, Death, Music and Other Stuff etc and we’ve already managed to piss off everyone across the road with our excessive use of the All Internal Users email function. To put that in context, there are about 60 or so internal users around the globe, as part of our larger infrastructure. And we have a lot of things to say a lot of the time, as you are all well aware. On the other hand, we are the pinnacle of work efficiency right now. Whatever heaviness, both metaphorical and physical, that we were succumbing to just prior to buggering off abroad has certainly been lifted. We feel lighter on our feet but certainly not in our head. Turns out that jetleg is one of our greatest friends at the moment, given that whatever internal bodyclock misalignment that took place about two years ago has somehow now been corrected and we’re getting to bed and indeed getting up at what most normal people would deem a normal time. Wonder how long that will last for. Emails are being cleared out in a stable, regularised fashion despite that there are – literally – about a thousand of them and phone calls are being fielded in-between much like we don’t give a fuck about nothing, etc. A perfect musical compliment to this smooth sailing arriveth in form of Tune Out from London via Frome duo Over Sands, who indeed are the second band of recent weeks featured on this-man’s blog to feature the partial nomenclature Sands. Which may mean nothing, or everything. We just don’t know. Other things we just don’t know in relation to this lot include where Frome is, or indeed what it is. An effy derivative of Rome, perchance? We suppose we could just google the answer to our conundrum, but then we wouldn’t have much else to talk about on here now would we? Possibly the most accurate description of this, which indeed was muttered from our own gobs during the first play and nodded at in seeming approval from Ben Soep, is that this is what the resulting sound would be should Wild Beasts and Explosions In The Sky ever decide to get it together. We are also reminded of a Track Of The Day way way way way waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day called LA2019 in terms of the moodful and/or trippy intro here. What’s wonderful news is that this lot are opening for way-more-recent  TOTD’ers Swim Mountain for their free entry gig tonight at The Waiting Room. Hey, that’s a cool venue too. We saw Jack Garratt there a couple of months back, and just look where he’s ended up now.

Over Sands – Tune Out

Eat your heart out, Lynchy.

Over Sands – Twin Peaks Theme (Falling)

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