The time is now. About half a year’s worth of work, planning, scheming, plotting, ball/belly-aching, slapping, teasing, singing off key; all of that culminates in what is going to take place over the next week or so. Starting with this big-ass show that we’ve been obsessing about for the duration. If you know us at all, and in a weird way most people reading this probably do given that a lot of you claim some sort of personal nexus with this open-journal style approach to chatting shit about new bands, you’ll appreciate how much effort it has taken to keep our mouth’s shut for the most part about, well, everything. Which obviously isn’t the case right now. At this precise moment, we are the single most annoying entity on social networks. We can sense your sighs, your tuts, your “will [they] ever fucking shut up about the fucking Koko show”. Much like the Scots recently, no we fucking won’t. Sod a half a year’s worth of work. Given what we can hopefully share with the world in the next couple of weeks, it feels like our entire life has been leading up to this point. And, again, much like the Scots recently, we’re not too concerned about whether it works out or not. Our old man has been telling us how proud he is for giving something we believe in everything we have – and believe us, it does cost, in so many fucking ways it costs – and actually that’s pretty much all we ever wanted. In the vein of lineage, featuring a collective artist called Traces couldn’t really be more appropriate, and in the other-vein of what is to come, Obstacles is a pretty on-point track title. Traces are from London. Or Guildford. One or the other. Don’t care that much. They got much blog lovin’ and hypin’ in recent months due to previous/initial offering A Place To Call Home, and that’s a rad track as well. We’ve also read somewhere that Traces are a duo. Beyond that, as per bloody usual, we know diddly-squat. We want to know more. Perhaps they’ll get in touch after they see this half-a-blog-post-about-them and share with the proverbial group. Music-wise, we’re dealing with something that could sit quite comfortably amongst the more high-brow and/or intelligent of the indie-dancey-producery spectrum. We’re talking, Man Without Country, Klaxons, One Bit, Beach House. That kind of thing. Anyway. Enjoy this one because we’re off to see our peoples tomorrow for a bit, and we’re not entirely sure of the internet situation. If you’re coming to Koko tonight, come and say hi. If you’re not, then just stay classy in general. Listening to this whilst you’re attempting to do so should help.

Traces – Obstacles

May as well. May as bloody well.

Traces – A Place To Call Home ft. Laura Perkins

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