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“Dangers Of Winter”

Pretty Taken

Y’know how certain people just cannot function or indeed relax unless certain things are sorted and/or in-place? For example, to one extent we know at least one person driving themselves and quite a few people around them slightly nuts unless they find Mr. Right in their lives and will stop at nothing until that goal is achieved; to another, we know several people who just get real arsey if you store bread anywhere else other than the fridge – and for the record, this does not fucking make the bread last longer. It doesn’t. Look it up, you planks. It just makes the bread taste real cold and, if you’re truly unlucky, soggy as shit. We think our problem is not doing something to this blog at least once a day, much like a person with an obsessive compulsive disorder that needs to, y’know, tap-in every day for no reason in particular. Well, we can only imagine can’t we. We didn’t have time to do anything to it yesterday, yet we functioned and/or relaxed at least once yesterday. We don’t really have an OCD, other than perhaps talking about ourselves or indeed making certain subject matters applicable to any given situation that we have or are likely to experience. We’re going to do just that with Pretty Taken‘s recent offering, which conveniently this morning has become the latest recipient of the Track Of The Day intercontinental championship belt. Good thing it’s intercontinental, because this lot are from a place called Edmonton, which we originally thought was a place just off the North Circular between Mile End and Enfield, but turns out is also a place in Canada. Canada is cool. We are going there soon and now can’t wait; London on the can’t-really-make-it’s-mind-up transition from summer fun to winter blues has therefore become a little stale for us lately, and with various push/pull factors in play we’re no longer afraid to travel to large landmasses on our lonesome in search of adventures and people new all Peter fucking Pan style. So Dangers Of Winter helps us out a fair bit in this respect. We read somewhere that it is about the water mains bursting when the weather gets cold, but we reckon it is a bit deeper than that. These lyrics are too beautifully sad, and in our head we’re conjuring up images of Joni Mitchell penning a song together with Keaton Henson. We’ve also written down citations such as Regina Spektor going real emo, and The Organ have lost their mind and gone acoustic; perhaps applicable here, but more likely further indications that we really need to get out of here.

Pretty Taken – Dangers Of Winter


Pretty Taken – Distance Is Distance

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