We could have really done with being in the office a bit earlier today. Double release day. Had to do promo and interviews and shit. Ironically these seem to be more aimed at us than the actual bands involved in our much-loved New Moons: Volume II. But, hey, we didn’t. We had a snooze. That’s right. We said a big ol’ fuck you to our iPhone alarm, seemingly designed with the most-piercing resonant frequency known to mankind projected through the very same speakers that really fuck us off when we actually want to play something to someone, and we sank into our newly-laden memory foam mattress (it really DOES work), and we had a damn good sleep. Those hours between 6am and 9am. Man, that’s the BEST sleep. The super-hazey, still-kinda-asleep-but-also-kinda-awake, lucid, toasty, warming-glowey kinda sleep. Current Track Of The Day Deep from sassy-looking pop starlett Jones (impossible to google. Literally impossible. Turns out there are a lot of people called Jones) seems to instill a similar sense of well-being within our constitution. We seem to be going through a heavy 80’s tinged lady-vocalled pop phase at the moment. Perhaps it is because we have listened to Thrice‘s The Artist In The Ambulance nearly every day for the last three weeks, and this provides a much-better-looking escape from such a lovable racket. This is a far cry from the rock music, that’s for sure. Almost instantly we find ourselves reminiscing over Solange pre-lift-fight-club, when Losing You turned more than a few heads and shut more than a few mouths moaning and groaning over the status of her rather-famous sibling and/or in-laws. On that note we’re going to have to chuck in Madonna as a supporting reference, and there’s a slight whiffy of Jessie Ware here in the production stylings. One of them ones to watch, we reckon, and an A&R scrum just waiting to happen. See you at the back of the room, you ruddy scouts.

Jones – Deep

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