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“Take My Hand”

Crystal Sister

Two main bitches today. Well, there is a third, but that is to do with the cable for the telly in our living room going missing, which suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks (Tim was nearly in tears about it this morning. Kid likes his Great British Bake-Off, y’know?). Primary bitch is visas. Fucking tourist visas. Just, like, let us into your country dude. We promise we’re not there to work. Quite the opposite. We want to put money into your goddamn economy, not extract it. No, seriously, this is an actual holiday. What’s that? You want an employer’s letter saying that we’re definitely not working in your country for that week? No problem bro, we happen to be the MD of our own company, so here’s us officially going on record saying whatever you want us to say. We just want to look around, see some shit, get to know our peoples, that sort of thing. No good? Fine, we’ll fucking traverse the M4 several times to get your shitty letter. Oh, you didn’t actually need it in the end? Glad we could sort that out. Actually, our secondary belly-ache is to do with how we apparently speak to people. Clearly, we need to calm the fuck down. Good thing that new Los Angeles firecracker Crystal Sister is about and pushing current Track Of The Day Take My Hand into our ears with little-to-no resistance. This is likely the track that is missing from the Drive soundtrack; hell, based on the strength of this effort and with what ease it straddles the line that exists between the world of credible electro-pop and the ostensible credibility-diminished realm of commercial applicability, they might as well start shooting the sequel to the bugger and base it around this crunchy groove. Were this to be sent or otherwise serviced to indie clubs up and down the land, we’d bet a fiver (and we’ve definitely got a fiver now, because our deposits have just been paid back, WUT) that revelers would feel more than comfortable slow-dancing to this and a more complete playlist composite of Chvrches, Grimes, and Pawws. This certainly wouldn’t look out of place standing toe-to-toe with the aforementioned, anyway. Have a great weekend kids.

Crystal Sister – Take My Hand


Crystal Sister – Suicide Love

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