Premiere: Maybug
“Early Morning Is The Time”


If we had a quid for each time we’ve uttered the powerful phrase “it’ll be fine” over the last week or so leading up to our inevitable habitual move “just up the road” from where we are currently parked – surrounded by labelled boxes, industrial-strength bin liners, and some other rather non-descript boxes in what used to be our living room, specifically – then we’d be a rich fucking dude right now. How stupid can we possibly be? And where the fuck did all this crap come from? We mean, a drum kit? Seriously? At what point was that a good idea to lug along for, like, the last two years or something? Jeeze. Right now we are enjoying a not-really-well-earned break from it all – our room is currently half dismantled and positively fluttering with moths that it turns out we’ve been living with for the duration, the sneaky fucks – and we’re currently soundtracking said-break with the video premiere of previous Track Of The Day’er Maybug and his new melancholic effort Early Morning. Which, as fortune would have it, provides a rather nice soundtrack to the latest bout of insomnia we appear to be plagued with, which indeed is also the longest one on personal record that we have experienced. We’re super productive as a result though, mind. Anyway. Mr Maybug has stressed that we simply must throw due props to the creator of this rather-striking animation clip, who is a guy called Jaron Lionell. Way to go, Jaron. We will also throw props in the way of the mister himself, because we really are getting super chill to the eminating soundwaves that ride between the likes of Keaton Henson and Daughter here, and generally reminds us of the Laissez Faire Club stable for a number of reasons. If our circumstances were different and we did not have quite so much crap to be getting on with right now, we would ensure our ass was down to see this in the live context when Maybug supports LA Salami tonight at Servant Jazz Quarters. If you go, let us know how it was.


Maybug – Early Morning Is The Time

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