“Full Circle Influence”


We picked a hell of a fucking day to start packing up, well, everything. For it is flat-moving day. Or, rather, Tim has just decided this for us. He lured us into a false reality of giving and fraternal love by making us breakfast at 1pm; once our defences were lowered by the delicious chocolate croissant that he so lovingly warmed up in the soon-to-not-be-ours oven, he delivered the news that we were to assist him in preparing all the shite we have accumulated in our loft-flat over the last 12 months. We say “we” – it is mainly his stuff. But now we are in his circle of debt, and kid likes to collect on his debts. It isn’t actually all that bad; an hour into this labourious task, we are perched on the end of our soon-to-not-be-our bed talking to ourselves and ostensibly you lot at the same time, and Tim has fluttered in doing a kind-of ploddy-slap dance to current Track Of The Day Full Circle Influence by current Track Of The Day’ers Fictonian. We had encountered the name perhaps several moons ago, but were reminded of the existence of this psyche-folky ensemble at some point this morning by one Rob Anderson and another-one Dan Market, the former of which whose housewarming event we were in attendance of via being a certain person’s plus one – certain-person was presumably overcome by a plethora of intellectually-stimulating dialogues and a desire to get the last tube home in stark contrast to doing the done-thing of getting a cab home from such events on such Saturday evenings and ultimately ghosted; which we also ultimately realised was a good way of bottying out ourselves a short while after. (C)rude, but effective. Anyway, we were grateful we went, and we were glad we were reminded of these dudes. Presumably they are dudes, anyway. There’s not a lot to go on, which makes us happy given that we don’t have a lot of time on our hands today and allows us a much-relished opportunity to focus on the music and very little else. And by gum, it is strong; and by gosh does it ever suit our hungover efforts to put shit into boxes. Tickling the more progressively-proggy end of the indie music spectrum – whatever the fuck that means – sound-wise this is resting firmly in the easy-going areas that exist between the likes of Alt J, Tunng, Gomez and The Proper Ornaments. All very good reasons to check this the fuck out. Peace. And boxes.


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