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“Opal and Chrome”

Speak Slowly

We’re pretty sure that as we grow ever closer to becoming real old – a fact we are continuously reminded of by our adoring flatmate Tim on the reg, who in fact aged overnight himself to the mad-ripe age of about 13 yesterday – that our body is going to give out before our mind. That does not necessarily preclude that we may well be on the verge of insanity right now anyway; then again, we honestly believe the most interesting people alive today are completely bloody mad. Anyway, the reason for this assertion is as follows: we’ve fucked up our back a little bit. No, we haven’t been in an accident and yes we are fine. We’re just getting a little bit of a stiffy, and not in a good way. In turn, the reason for this is that we’ve been on the receiving end of much good shit today, and as is customary amongst our people we enacted the resulting perpetual joygasm but jumping up and down a lot when we thought no one would be looking. Turns out people certainly fucking were looking, and even bore witness to the after-effect that we imagine most guys suffer when they do not undertake regular exercise as a matter of course. But, seriously folks, we’re giddier than the ugly gal in She’s All That when whats-his-face asks her out in tandem with tarting her right up right now; so much that a meeting over at our buddies’ Turn First just now was more us blurting out information like a high-pitched, el rapido Arnie Schwarzenegger. Sorry, buddies. On that note, here’s new guys Speak Slowly with some pretty solid electro-pop goodness in form of current Track Of The Day Opal and Chrome. Somewhat arrogantly (you should know this about us by now) we made the assumption that these guys were from the UK. We made a bet with ourselves upon hearing the opening 30 seconds of this crunchy groove that, indeed, they would be from the Greater London area. We were wrong and now owe ourselves big money. This duo – respectively named Dan and Jimmy – have been jamming together since the ripe old age of 14 (we’re assuming they are a fair bit older than that by now; perhaps not at the back-buggering stage of life’s rich tapestry, but still, older) and in fact come from Delaware. Which is in a whole different country. We’re pretty sure we wrote about someone else from that geographical region lately, so perhaps it is, y’know, all kicking off over there. Anyway, we’ll leave you lot with this impressive debut effort which will more likely than not tickle the ears of fans of Hurts, Erasure, and we’ll chuck in Man Without Country in there because we haven’t thought about them in a real long time. In fact, here’s the whole thudding lot in form of debut effort All This Fiction EP from which our current Track Of The Day is lifted, because its all resonating pretty well with us right now and we’re in a fucking great mood. Have a great weekend.

Speak Slowly – All This Fiction EP

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