“Like I’m Gonna Lose”


WE FEEL OKAY NOW. It’s cool. You can carry on, as you were. Yes, admittedly we had to once more turn to the deep-fried deliciousness that is fast food to comfort ourselves – seriously, we were not in a good way yesterday, which led us to being all fusty and musty towards certain people in the latter half of the afternoon – and we know it is not good for us. Even we know that now. After 29 years on this place called Earth we have realised certain things aren’t good for us. Like not sleeping. Three McDonald’s in four days. DJing with a Spotify playlist on a touch-sensitive handheld device. Trying to convince people that there are merits to liking both Star Trek and Star Wars at the same time. Women in general. Prodding our flatmate Tim when he is hungry and/or asleep. All of these things. We’re still learning. A pretty good thing that we have learned about today is sort-of new gal Grace. A kid called Callum McPhee told us about her. You A&R people should probably listen to him in future. He knows things that we do not. Anyway, we think Grace is cool, not only because she is the namesake of a certain 1-year-old relative of ours, but because her music is likely gonna make you wanna rock your body as we currently are. We’ve heard allegations of this lady being a backing vocalist for Deaf Havana, but personally we don’t think that’s terribly important in comparison to the solo songwriting calibre here. If you’re into your Fickle Friends spliced with a bitta Lapsley style vocalling – or, if we lend ourselves to the more wilder regions of our imagination (which we do on the reg, otherwise we’d be boring), perchance your Gloria Estefan‘s boshing with Haim (and, as consequence, Fleetwood Mac) – then you might want to get your botties down to see Grace do her live thing at Paper Dress Vintage in some place called Shoreditch on 5th September. Activate.

Grace – Like I’m Gonna Lose

And yeah and yeah.

Grace – I Miss You

Grace – Again

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