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Dead Ceremony

Dead Ceremony

Ok. So we had a few drinks last night. We deserved it; and now we are paying for it. We can’t move. Disabled. Zip. No movement going down up in here. This does not bode well for our man Papa John who has recently dispatched a big-ass disc of food known as pizza in return for money, mainly as it is quite unlikely we will be able to receive his envoy at the front door. Not in a way he would want to be received, we imagine anyway. No one wants to be greeted by a hairy monster. And so begins our mammoth weekend of trying to get back on top of it all. It has not gotten off to the best of starts. Given this sentiment, now seems a good time to big up Dead Ceremony. They are from Kent. Draper country. Self-professed folktronicists and outspoken purveyors of interesting dance moves to that effect, Dead Ceremony indeed seem to deal in the kind of obscure musicality burdgeoning on visual artistic expression that we imagine will likely earn them some kinda cult following in the years to come. And everybody got time for that. Especially us right now, we’ve got the whole frigging day as far as we’re concerned. On a slightly more serious note, we can see ourselves becoming fully invested in this lot, mainly as it ticks all the right boxes that straddle the line between the worlds of electronic and indie music. By way of references, we’re thinking a culmination of the outputs of Dems, Duologue and previous TOTD’ers Sea Change, spliced with the songwriting and/or vocal abilities of Tunng and Fyfe. Smooth.

Dead Ceremony – Heartbeat


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