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Teenage Kicks
“Brooklyn Bridge”/”Curse Words”

Teenage Kicks

Insomnia’s back. That piece of bitch. We are taking lectures from all and sundry about how to address this. Exercise more. Eat more healthily. Do this. Do that. Blah de blah blah blah. None of you lot have suggested “have some more time”. Time is what we need, and unfortunately something that cannot be appropriated given our current predicament. We feel pulled apart. While we’re comfortable with this, we’re not so down with the space in our head (all of it) that this seems to have taken residence in. Let’s just say this weekend is going to be trill. Oh wait, no it fucking isn’t. It is going to be like every other weekend this year so far, specifically catching up with the millions of bits we’ve successfully not done this week; going to V Festival to see Sons & Lovers shake their bootyholes in front of people in tandem with the music that they will likely play to those people; shitting it over the couple of DJ sets we’ve been signed up to at Reading Festival the following week (cheers Jon. Cheers A LOT); trying to squeeze in some family time, and/or whinging about everything to you lot. Despite our body being on the verge of collapse owing to fatigue, our soul still shines brightly and this sentiment taketh musicaleth formeth vicariously through Canadian guys Teenage Kicks and their double-whammy Track Of The Day set up, respectively Brooklyn Bridge and Curse. Rob Turnham found em. Course he did. Like, we have time to find new bands this week. Come on, guys. We even got told off by Jamie from Beach Blood the other day at the Finch show in Camden for not listening to his stuff and that was over a week ago that he had sent it. We’ll add that to the weekend to-do list. Anyway, risky business naming your band after a well-known/popular alternative anthem. We should know, right? But from what we’ve seen and heard, these guys pull it off rather nicely. Miniscule research by way of attempted objective editorial has revealed that these guys have some kinda album out, entitled Spoils Of Youth from which the aforementioned tracks are taken. It’s the perfect blend of pop upbeatness spliced with indie-americana think-about-life music. Think Manchester Orchestra, Band Of Horses, Foo Fighters and/or We Are Augustines. Although Ben has just pointed out that the latter reference have been renamed just Augustines recently after having a google. He had a little google. Have a great weekend you bloody guys.


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