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Life is worth living. That’s what we think, anyway. Perhaps today of all days is a stark reminder that despite the seemingly pleasurable and often-comedic output of certain individuals – their “gifts” to the world, as it were – it often takes its toll on that individual. They more you give, with a smile on your face, the more they will take. It will drain you. The trick is, we suppose, is to keep those proverbial gifts in ample supply so you can keep ‘em coming and not let down your friends/family/audience/fanbase/the world that you have created. We started Killing Moon roughly four-ish years ago in the wake of what felt like at the time our world coming to an end. We lost our job, our accommodation, and a lot of people we thought were friends. Dark times. What we had left was an incredibly supportive (despite not really understanding of what we were trying to do at the time) family, an idea, a monthly wage of 600-ish quids and a fucking great broadband connection. And our mum’s laptop, that came in real handy. This became our world. Turns out it was everything we needed. The idea of releasing records seemed like a mad idea, particularly in lieu of the outward expectation that we are supposed to make each one a resounding success. We suppose those people meant financially successful. More fool they. Like a lot of people enjoy spending their disposable income on things like cars, holidays, or saving up for the future, we simply enjoyed putting out pieces of 7-inch plastic that no-one other than us was likely to invest into either financially or emotionally, and as a happy by-product the process of learning how to do what we have always wanted to do for the first time. We liken success to happiness, or at least a very large part of it. Fast forward a couple of years, our friends at Turn First liked what we were doing and how we were doing it so much that they enabled us to do more and turned this whole thing into our livelihood. Fast forward another year, and we met our trusted and most-excellent friend Ally McCrae, who presented us with a punk rock attitude towards the music industry that we had maybe forgotten ourselves for that year. We were pissed off that, despite the abundance of facilities available to do so, still not enough was being done to promote the ocean of fantastic new artists and bands that emerge on a daily basis. So, we thunk, rather than reeling stories and bitches from the ostensible indie gospel, let’s do something about it. Let’s release a compilation together. So we did – on the 1st January 2014 to be precise, which really didn’t do us much by way of favours over the festive break and indeed on the Day Of The Hangover when the thing was actually released. People seemed to dig it. We then thought of the idea of putting a tour around it. So we did – in May 2014 to be more precise. People seemed to dig that too. Going back to the thing we were talking about right at the start of this wibbling of self-righteousness – we don’t feel drained at all. Sure, we’re tired. This stuff takes a lot of organisation, and may seem meaningless to a lot of people. Yet it means everything to us. And given lessons that we’ve learned over the last 24 months or so, when we’ve got a good thing going we’re very much inclined to keep that thing going. On that note, we’re pleased to finally be able to announce the release of our second compilation entitled New Moons: Volume 2, curated alongside our friend Ally McCrae. It features some Killing Moon releases from the last six months; some tracks Ally has picked; and some we have picked. It is out on 15th September as a digital download, and for the first time as a limited physical product, namely a CD tin. There’ll be 100 of those, and we’re going to make some Killing Moon tshirts to go alongside this. It’ll be cool. Fuck, this feels great.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd (of course) that’s not all. We’re super, super happy to finally share that we have been invited by some of our friends to curate a series of Killing Moon takeovers of Club NME at Camden’s Koko venue in London. We’re aiming to do a new one every few months. The first one will be on Friday 19th September. We wish we could tell you the line up right now, but we’re not allowed. Trust us, it’s good. Real good. We’ve got some DJs sorted as well and some mad ideas for different rooms in the venue. We’ve also managed to wangle free entry for university students in exchange for an email address. Kids like their clubs, their indie music and their booze, so we thought we’d give em some support. There’ll be a more in-depth announcement about all of that shortly.


Witness this press release. Thanks for reading and/or giving a shit.


A huge thank you to Ally, Ben, Ross, Henning, Turn First Artists, The Orchard, and the multitude of bands, managers and labels that we’ve worked with to-date and will work with in the future. Without you we are nothing.




Artwork by Henning Lindahl


“‘New Moons’ is full of new and emerging music makers…It is an art form, after all”Amazing Radio

“The most anticipated music makers of 2014 have all thrown their stuff in” – Drunken Werewolf

“From a solo blog to a record label… Killing Moon is a family of artists and new music lovers and pushers who seem to care about one thing; good music” The 405



Killing Moon are thrilled to announce that once again they have teamed up with Ally McCrae to release the second compilation in the ‘New Moons’ series, aptly entitled ‘New Moons: Volume II’.

The compilation series continues with the previous offering’s theme to feature highlights of Killing Moon’s releases so far in 2014 alongside a lot more artists that Ally and Killing Moon have fallen in love with this year.

One Bit – Daydream

NEW MOONS: Volume 2’ follows the success of the first collaboration between Ally McCrae and Killing Moon’s Ach Dhillon, which acted as a springboard for many artists emerging at the end of 2013. This year, the tracklisting is just as strong and features artists and tracks that demand recognition. You better recognise.

 The compilation spans a breadth of new music, and was carefully selected with the aim of bringing some of the brightest artists the attention they deserve. This release will be particularly special, with an extremely limited run of t-shirts and commemorative CD tins being produced to celebrate.


The release will be launched at Camden’s Koko on the 19th September, and coincides with Killing Moon’s first show as part of their new Club NME takeover series. The line-up for the event is shrouded in mystery for the time being, but the night is tipped to have a few surprises to accompany a stellar line up.

Album tracklisting: –

1.       Racing Glaciers – VHS

2.       Rare Monk – Mama Bear

3.       One Bit – Daydream

4.       Jay Brown – We Are The People

5.       Radio On – Don’t Wait

6.       Holy – Firebreather

7.       Fickle Friends – Play

8.       John J Presley – Left

9.       Parla – Fledgling

10.   Taymir – What Would You Say

11.   Sons & Lovers – Lover (Rogue Remix)

12.   Washington Irving – Palomides

13.   Casket Girls – Ashes & Embers

14.   Money For Rope – Ten Times

15.   Strong Asian Mothers – AYAM

16.   Idles – Queens

17.   John Joseph Brill – Muscle & Bone

18.   Remi Miles – Under Light Symphonies

19.   Deathcats – Saturday Night Golden Retriever

20.   Oh Volcano – Oceans

21.   Cheerleader – On Your Side

22.   The Wild Curve – Diamonds

23.   Clubs – Bleed

24.   St. South – Slacks

25.   Model Aeroplanes – Innocent Love

26.   Jack + Eliza – Hold The Line


The album is available digitally from the 19th September on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and all other reputable digital outlets, and in physical form as an exclusive run of 100 commemorative CD tins.

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  1. HI,
    Great News. But how can I go about getting one of these 100 cd tins when I live in Inverness? I have just about the entire Killing Moon catalogue that’s available in physical formats, and New Moons 1 and others on digital. I’d hate to miss out on this just because I live a way up here. Also any chance of a tshirt in xxl?

    1. S’up Neil. We’re just sorting out the pre-order for the CD tin/tshirt bundles now and this should be ready for next week. Once you order the bugger, we’ll make sure it gets to you, even all the way up to Iverness. Thanks man.

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