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Swim Mountain

We’ve been hanging with some cool dudes today. Seriously cool dudes. The UKF guys. They’re cool. Way cooler than us. They have more money than us, but then again so do a great deal of other people. Who else? Intern Chris. He’s cool. There’s another guy we met in tandem with Intern Chris – although we’ve met Intern Chris before, but he is cool so we thought we’d chuck in a mention in this context of what is cool – but we can’t say too much about that because that would just be stupid. We bumped into Richard Byrne, aka Ricardo, aka Rico Suave, who is a schoolfriend of our from back in the day and lives real near where we work. He was going to get a haircut, presumably in furtherance of his status as a cool-looking dude for the world to take pleasure and delight therein. Now we’re back in the office. Ben is here. He’s kind of cool. What is refreshingly cool (which Ben and ourselves are fully in agreement over, which as you all well know happens once every ice age) is these guys Swim Mountain and this seriously funked-out Track Of The Day Yesterday. To be honest, which we always aspire to be, we don’t know very much about them. But you knew that. We came across them just now vicariously via the social networking presences of The Morleys. Simon and Alex. The dude squadron. Someone give these guys their own sit-com before we do. Anyway, these chaps have already got some big ups, boo yahs, fuckyeah’s etc from Line Of Best Fit, which basically means everything in online music marketing world, and we imagine given this is a discernable step up in both songwriting and production output from what appears to be this three-piece quarteted, snappily dressed ensemble, they can expect a lot more where that came from. Go on, Line Of Best Fit. Give em another post. Gowaaaaaaaaaaaaan. If not for our sakes, then for the sakes of the fans of Junior Senior who would probably vibe hard on this, and also due to the fact that we’re daydreaming on this sunny Wednesday afternoon of Twin Shadow fronting Jackson 5 when we give this a spin. And The Proper Ornaments, but no one seems to remember them other than ourselves. Shit, even the cleaner likes it, and she doesn’t speak English very well. Bigness. Look out for this as part of the eponymous EP from these guys out on 29th September. On a label called Hey Moon. Cool name. COOL.

Swim Mountain – Yesterday

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