“In Every Bone”


Now THAT was a fuggin’ Monday. We’ve sussed that if you go to bed at a reasonable hour, which we will say safely rests between the hours of 2200 and 0000 (you will usually end up properly pushing for the sleep-burn around the 0030 and 0100 mark, to allude to the more pragmatic-minded of our readership. Netflix ain’t gonna watch itself after all), you wake up feeling fresher than a kid who has just started their university career. In an attempt to bring order to an otherwise-chaotic state of existence – although based on this weekend’s events, we have discovered that we really don’t have it that bad at all compared to a lot of people – some of the time in the aforementioned frame was spent planning the absolute fuck out of everything. Shit, we’ve even had a pretty kick-ass idea for a TV show which undoubtedly you will be reading about in some capacity in the not-too-distant future, probably on here innit. We don’t really buy into this happy-go-lucky free-spirited shash that you mid-twenty-somethings do seem to whole-heartedly. You’re only saying that because you don’t really have a plan, and you don’t want to look like a plank in the process of figuring out just what the hell it is you want beyond an escalating social status and (hopefully) the correct financial backing to maintain just that. We know this, because this used to be us. Indeed, one person (or maybe, like, three) in particular during the last 72 hours has reminded us to keep our shit going in the order we have already done, because it is clearly working. Don’t compromise. Fight for what you believe is right, or something. If you are criticised for having a hyper-active mind and a desire to do pretty much everything ever, given it is embedded within every fibre of one’s being much like the Soundcloud players below, better get on and do it. On that note, here’s In Every Bone from we’re-guessing new-guys Monarks. Not only has the subjective nature of this blog post been mooted for debate heavily in the dying hours of the working day, but has stimulated much jittering over how some London peeps like to say “arks” instead of “ask”. FUNNY. Anyway. Monarks. Yeayuh. We dunno where we heard of em. Amazing Radio, most likely. Man, we should just be Amazing Radio’s bitch, seeing as they whoop us on the reg in the music discovery game. We know that this is a band from Bristol, and they are releasing our current Track Of The Day as a singular on 22nd August, which also co-incides with our, um, performance debut at a certain festival that we’ve been known to frequent for the last ice age, and so we now have a multitude of reasons to look forward to that date. Applying the standard music dissemination test thingy, this may well be the first time in a while that we and Ben have actually agreed on anything – in that we think this sounds like a mixture between real-new Thrice, real-modern Dan Croll and real-old Spring Offensive. Which really isn’t too shabby. Prepare for air-punching in the chorus, cos you’re gonna do that anyway.

Monarks – In Every Bone

This be good too.

Monarks – Be There (Demo)

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  1. Cathy Arnold

    Monarks played Louisiana in Bristol last night and In Every Bone was awesome. New tracks also top quality. Check them out at Club 229,Great Portland Street, London on Saturday 2 August at 8pm.

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