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New Secret Weapon
“Look At The State Of It”

New Favourite Weapon

God DAYUM that sleep was amazing. In the office till damn near 11ish we were. Concerned text messages from Brother Tim ensued. He wanted to know where we were at, lest our ritualistic endeavour of sitting around on the living room sofas watching South Park and moaning about pretty much everything ever whilst trying to finally reach the penultimate chapter of Understanding Rap: Lyrics That Both You and Your Grandmother Can Comprehend diminishes into nowt-at-all (all of this is true, FYI. We are this fucking cool). He laughed at us as we ascended up the stairs of our wonderfully-situated Highgate abode with half a Pizza Hut in tow. For that, he did not get to eat any of it, and we kept it for ourselves. Yes, it is safe to say that we are more or less a slave to the proverbial groove this week. All work. No fun. Work can be fun, right? For example, we’re going to a work-related thingy that involves dressing as a Hawaiian, which we’re pretty good at. We may even have a shandy to treat ourselves, given that it feels like ages since we last saw other-brothers Chris and Jez who are more than likely to be present. Anyway, much of this has fuck-all to do with current Track Of The Day people New Secret Weapon. Will Blake slung em over via the medium of the email. We were glad that he did. The Dublin trio seem to be making all sorts of noises and shapes that will inevitably land on these shores before long, much in the same way as we’re gauging similar-neck-of-the-woodsers Walking On Cars to do so as well rather shortly. Cool. Based on what we know, which of course is very little, these guys had an album out a while ago that more likely than not was wonderfully received at least in the live context and involved many a crowdsurfer losing their shit in the heat of the moment. Look At The State Of It may not be exemplative of the general musicality being channeled by the New Secret Weapon crew, but on closer examination we’re hit by an Artic Monkeys shaped wave almost instantly, and Ben reckons he can hear some Nick Cave in the vocal delivery. We cannot be arsed to argue with him today because we’ve too much on. We are also reminded of Eye Emma Jedi‘s Sin in the chorus, which is nice. Enjoy.


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