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Jack and Eliza
“Hold The Line”

Jack & Eliza

Kinda lost ourselves for a minute there huh. Pardon us. We did the done-thing of having a few drinks into the wee hours and by gum we are paying for it now. Today is going slow. Reeeeeeeeeeal slow. Thankfully there was nothing in the not-even-remotely-proverbial diary this morning. Now there is plenty. Some chaps from the Music Management Forum are swinging by shortly to figure out exactly what we’re about – the truth is, no-one will every truly suss out what it is precisely we do on a daily basis – and we are planning on hitting up Wing Wednesdays in a big way. Oh and Jack Garratt is playing the first of two sold-out single launches this evening, which makes us happy. And there’s some neat Rogue stuff happening this afternoon. For now, we lunch. And whilst we lunch, we Track Of The Day your bloody lives up. Please welcome Jack and Eliza. That’s those two darlings depicted in the probably-digitally-rendered instaphoto image above, although don’t get too bogged down by which one is called what in this context. The guy is Jack, and the girl is Eliza. We think. Our buddy Ben Collins, noted bowling enthusiast and purveyor of wonderful Hawaiian shirts much like our boy Esse, didn’t specify exactly. He did specify that these guys are getting some serious blog love over in ‘Merica, and we believe him. These guys have got NYC cool written all over their beautiful mugs. Indeed, you lucky buggers based in that geographical region of the world should probably tip up to see em at Glasslands on 23rd August supporting similarly-cool-guys Ski Lodge. It would be so very easy to throw comparisons to other man-woman dusky duos like Big Deal and Summer Camp into the comparative mix on dissemination of Hold The Line; and because it is easy, we are going to do precisely that. We’ll throw in spicy twists Father John Misty, Slow Club and Beach Boys into the aforementioned mix to further flex our analytical mental muscles. Toite.

Jack and Eliza – Hold The Line

One mic. One Take. One hope. One quest.


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