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Release: Racing Glaciers Announce Free Download of
“VHS” Ahead Of Releasing New EP

Racing Glaciers

We’ve never been particularly good at keeping a secret; especially when it comes to expressing personal sentiments of bitterness, resentment, and the occasional burst of clandestine self-loathing. It is ironic that the ostensible forum-turned-amplifier for these sentiments known as the internet can be simultaneously a catalyst for both the positive and negative implications of spilling our guts out on the reg. Then again, we’ve always liked seeing ourselves as a walking contradiction, or the personification of that core element of the so-called human condition. We’ve been quite sad over the last couple of weeks in particular, culminating in watching the body of the person who largely took care of us in our parent’s absence back in the 90’s (and based on certain video evidence we’ve seen today, the 80’s, but we don’t really remember much pre-Grainge Junior & Middle School to be perfectly honest) burn in front of our eyes today. That’s what Hindus get up to upon the passing of a loved one. Dark times. But – going back to the walking contradiction bit – we’re glad to say in several such sad occassions that have occured in the last 24 months or so, there has always been something or someone there to make us ultimately smile in these dark times. If these smiles were a corporate body, Racing Glaciers would be on the board of directors. We have just seen these fine chaps play a seriously dingy pub in this timeframe, to performing to a stupidly-enthusiastic packed-out crowd at Shepherds Bush Empire. Even though it feels like we are going through a spot of hell right now, for us this is heaven. We’re delighted to finally be able to share that the boys will be releasing a free-to-download single VHS, which also happens to be one of our live favourites because we’re clearly partial to a bit of the rockier stuff. This is available to download right now from the link below via Musicglue. On top of that, we will be releasing Racing Glaciers‘ third EP Don’t Wait For Me via Killing Moon on 18th August 2014, which you can also pre-order right now on vinyl/digi bundle or just pure digi-iTunes stylee, also via the links below. We’ll let the below press release explain that all a bit better than we’re currently able.

[Click here to download “VHS” for diddly-squat]

[Click here to pre-order “Don’t Wait For Me EP” on vinyl with various bundles]

[Click here to pre-order “Don’t Wait For Me EP” on iTunes]

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Racing Glaciers


Written on tour & self-produced, VHS encapsulates the band’s immersive and explosive live sound, which they have honed over an exciting 2014.

After the overwhelming response to singles FIRST LIGHT and MOTHS, Racing Glaciers return with VHS. The song will be available for free from their MusicGlue page from 15th July:

Of late, the Macclesfield 5-piece have been running away with media plaudits on their previous singles, First Light and Moths, from Hype Machine number 1’s to Radio 1 playlists. Their 3rd EP will be released on the 18th of August (pre-order here) but until then rock-out to VHS.

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