Y’all ever seen a flying ant give birth to another flying ant right in front of you? Didn’t think so. It’s really quite disgraceful. Not only did these little shits have the audacity to flutter and blutter like the prickly pears they are – even on several occassions going for a swan-dive into our reassuringly-expensive 5 quid pint thus reiterating that we were, indeed, in fucking Shoreditch – but they went as far as to procreate mere centimetres from our then-location. Other than that, yesterday was cool. We bought a Stolen Recordings tshirt at the Stolen Recordings stall at the Independent Label Market, with which the stall operator/administrator decided to just give us a free tote bag which we well know equated to roughly the same price as the tshirt itself given that back in December we spent that amount just on the tote bag, albeit the one we spent money on ultimately ended up with someone who really didn’t deserve it so that’s alright then. Our bro-sis Heather reasoned that we were likely given this additional bit of tote because the operator/administrator told us we were too big for a small-sized tshirt (i.e. she was calling us fat, and therefore felt the need to compensate our fat-ass), coupled with the idea that we are generally a walking advert these days and so it was in their interest to clad us in as much logo-emblazoned shit as possible. Cool. We also walked all the way from Old Street roundabout to Highgate, which we have never done before, which subsequently meant that we had the ostensible feeling of well-being having actually acheived something. We are still knackered right now. But that’s okay. Still enraptured in well-being. So a Track Of The Day, as-per, could not arrive in more appropriate form than Australian lady’s JOY. with her as-hazy-upon-waking-as-any-other-juncture-in-the-day tune Captured. We do not know if the full-stop after her chosen nomenclature is deliberate or not – we hit that button all the time on the accidental in campaign outlines, emails, text messages, blog posts – but we have seen it more than once on more than one social network pertaining to the promotion of this promising new artist, so let’s just roll with that. Facts: we have very little. She is a she. She is from Brisbane. She is 17, which should have you A&Rs/agents/promoters/lawyers/blahdeblahs interested by now. She is repping the solo-producery take on singery-songery-writery-ness that has everyone’s balls wrapped around the likes of Billie Black and Nao these days (that show next week sounds like a real hoot). Further to that, we reckon this would stand comfortably toe-to-toe with those we consider holding to their own in the aforementioned “scene”. Talkin’ bout Lapsley (can’t be arsed to cut and paste the “O” thingy above the “A”), St South and Laurel. It’s good. Listen to it. Also check out this neat cover of Cloud Boat‘s Dréan.

JOY. – Captured

JOY. – Dréan (Cloud Boat cover)

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