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Okay. So we had a few drinks last night. We’re sorry, we thought this was ‘Mericuh. The utilitarian dream. Do what the fuck you want, so long as it doesn’t fuck with other people’s shit. In the initial stages, we thought we were just having a casual catch up with our boy Draper given that we haven’t gone for a post-work spicy twist with him in ages, which sucks because we used to hit that all the time. We’ve been busy. Then Ben and Intern Chris got involved; so there you have four men who have the largest propensity towards outspoken emo feels, drinking large, and ultimately talking about feelings owing to this long overdue congregation. We were accused of being an island; not talking up what has happened of late to those who we deem closest to us. Wrong, we said. We have the blog. We talk about shit all the time. Turns out this assertion did have a point to it and upon waking this dredgey Tuesday morning we realised that perhaps we shouldn’t bottle up so much. We’re working on it. We should be more like This Be The Verse, really. These guys clearly don’t hold back at all. We’ve got make-shift history with these guys. Frontman Ed Melech is an old friend. We have worked at not one, but two shitty-ass labels with him on one capacity or another. He’s cool. We always though that he possessed not only the perfect big-man build but also the cheekbone-coupled-with-neck structure that would pretty much be the perfect hardcore band frontperson. Well, kid like his metal so it was only a matter of time, we suppose, and the timing couldn’t be better given the groggy mindset that we’re in, and also in the full knowledge that we probably won’t be able to blag into seeing The Bronx at Oslo tonight this is likely the next best thing to get stuck into. Ed’s bunch have today received props from Metal Hammer in the wake of news that they will play a release show for Consequences EP, the title track of which is our current Track Of The Day. The EP is out today; the show will be at Barfly on 10th July. In the meantime, live with this heavily-tamborine-featuring clip for Consequences – if you’re into Fucked Up coupled with Future Of The Left, this will delight you no end.


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