“Summer Dress”


Now, THAT was a Monday kids. We be blitzing through all kindsa crap that more often than not is the kind of thing that stresses us the hell out. Well, not today. Label management and/or A&R demolition is in full effect. You lot won’t even see it coming. It’ll be glorious.  On that, we’ve even found the time to check out some mad-ripe shit that we’ve been meaning to get around to checking out for a while, yet life keeps getting in the way. Like food shopping and playing drums for a few hours on a poorly-weathered Sunday afternoon, and watching our flatmate Tim practice his weighted lunges in front of our very eyes when we were quite clearly trying to watch the one bit of tennis that seemed to matter. Canadian crew Highs are a classic example of this. Well, actually we were only sent an email about em today, from The Scottish One Ben Soep of all people in fact, but you get the idea. So, as we have already established, these guys and a gal are from Canada. Toronto, specifically. We went there once when we were about 8ish and clearly remember not only getting shat up by running the glass-bottomed proverbial gauntlet on the excessively high-up floor at the CN Tower, but also declaring to all and sundry that we would live there one day. In Canada, not the CN Tower. That would be mental. Anyway, this is simultaneously suited to the tropicindie bits and bobs we seem to be consuming heavily these days in reference to the two or three previous Track Of The Day’s whilst also in nomenclaturistic sense being a bit ironic given it is sporadically pissing it down outside right now. Imbibe Summer Dress into your ears below whilst also thinking thoughts along the lines of Bombay Bicycle Club, Dan Croll and the Phoenix guy fronting Two Door Cinema Club all bundling together for some kinda make-shift Volta assembly. Do precisely that.

Highs – Summer Dress

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