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“Hold On To Your Breath”

Sleepy Tea

We’re fully sticking by our our outspoken statement of life-joy the other day. The timing couldn’t be better. There was a bit where we were banging on about the sky falling on our heads or some metaphorical shash like that. Well, mere hours after that, it kinda did. Turns out that during the time it takes for us to figure shit out, whereby the solutions are often staring us so close in the face that it falls into the blind spot of one’s mind’s eye, things happen else where. As certain as people are born; people also die. A morning spent at Ealing Hospital to say what is quite likely our last goodbye to the person that looked after us religiously (in the literal sense, occasionally) when we would succumb to and occasionally fake rare and interesting illnesses in an attempt to skive off school and play an awful-lot of Command & Conquer: Red Alert, amongst a great many other things, was not the way we envisaged spending the morning on what could be described as one of the most beautiful days this year has seen so far. Anyway, like we say, life is still beautiful. Spending an afternoon in Hyde Park with a plethora of people we’re glad we call friends watching a band that indeed we used to have some sort of arms-length involvement with was probably the best thing for us. Today, we feel the inevitable sadness lingering and our body generally feels a lot heavier than usual. A bit tired. Here’s Sleepy Tea with a sonically-suited Track Of The Day called Hold On To Your Breath, which indeed we found ourselves doing unintentionally whilst Arcade Fire were busting into their more emotive numbers (and turns out there are a shit load of them). This is just right. Just the right degree of pensiveness coupled with an perpetuating element of “shit will be okay, you’ll see”. They describe themselves as being a little bit atmospheric, with some sweet-ass electronic moments. We feel that. And actually we don’t feel bad jotting down comparative names like Fleet Foxes, Wild BeastsElliott Smith, and first-album Dry The River (their new shit’s sounding reeeeeeeeeeeeal good) after witnessing that bold statement. They also instruct us to have a listen and “judge for [ourselves], Mr JudgeyJudge”. Well, fine. We have judged and we sentence these dudes to do more way-cool stuff like this.


I will miss you, Nani.

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