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True Arcadian

We’ve only felt truly content perhaps two or three times in our young-ish life. It isn’t the be-all-end of everything, but certainly is something that we inevitably synonymise with happiness. The desire to not desire anything. Crazy right? Upon waking yesterday, for no reason in particular – or perhaps several, as we’re clearly about to get fully stuck into – we felt a degree of almost-overwhelming contentment. We’re probably the luckiest person that we know of. We have the job that we’ve wanted since we were 11 years old; and indeed something that can never be taken away from us. We have a small army of colleagues, family and friends that we trust, could tell anything to, and not be judged or live in fear of reprisal. We own ourselves. It’s fucking amazing. We got a Facebook blue tick thingy as well, which is pretty cool (anyone know what it actually does?). Not to get all Lana Del Rey about it, but if the sky were to fall on our heads today, we’d accept the consequences in the full knowledge that everything has been a pretty sweet ride and we’ve got to do things that a lot of people never ever will in their lifetimes. FEEL OUR VIBE. Anyway, when we get like this, we often turn to the rock music as a form of extravert expression vis-a-vis the party that’s going on in our heart right now. And according to our man Ally McCrae-Cray, they don’t come much more rock than Glaswegian gang True Arcadian. Their name is rad. Their rock is good. Other than being the perfect sonic compliment to this life-joygasm we’re having right now (it was the company away-day yesterday, and turns out you can have way more fun running around in a field in a post-bag than getting fucked off your face on that white-stuff that a lot of you seem to be into these days), we’re fully convinced that we’d turn to these guys just as readily in times of ostensible misery. They are one-part rock-party, a bit like Arcane Roots and/or Pulled Apart By Horses, and other-part (what we would describe as) yeah-core, like that Nirvana track on Nevermind whose name we forget right now, or Audioslave. What we also like about these guys, again by virtue of extending our spicy imagination, is that they do not appear to give a fuck about what you think of them and insist on letting the good times roll anyway. Our strong advice would be to like em anyway. They’re on the up, and you definitely want in.


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