“Santa Cruz”


We’ve amazed ourselves this morning at just how bloody efficient we can be. Thus far, we have approved 1 x single for release; had 1 x 45 minute conversation on the mobile telephone communicator with big man Esse about stuff that you’ll hear about in the future (seemingly all happening on its tod, but in reality we put this shit together waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in advance. It is all part of the show); texted 5 x people about 5 x different things that we’re supposed to be doing over the next 48 x hours; swtiched on 1 x boiler so that we may wash our body following a particularly sweaty start to Camden Crawl (come check out Ben’s band Washington Irving today if you’re coming down. The demos sound like the sex); and ordered 1 x food thingy from Just Eat. And – get this – we haven’t got up yet. All this was acheived from the comfort of our own bed-fortress. Even switching on the boiler, which is a full 3 meters away from our current location. We can’t tell you how we did it. Trust us, you don’t wanna know. Fact is, we’re richly enjoying not having to move for a relatively short space of time in comparison to the amount we gotta move physically and mentally on the reg. Some real alone time definitely helps proceedings. On that note, here’s calming-as-fuck dudes Silences and current Track Of The Day Santa Cruz. They are Irish. We can tell because they sing in an Irish accent, and for once when it comes to the ostensible singery-songery-writery genres that we find ourselves on a frequent sonic encounter, it is not a fucking put-on. Plus it says they’re from Armargh on their Facebook. Cool. We found ourselves listening to Band Of HorsesDilly yesterday afternoon whilst riding out a particularly lingering hangover following what was quite possibly the most lacklustre end to an England World Cup campaign that you ever did see (bastards nearly ruined our big party) atop a pile of various Pizza Hut apparatus that Ben managed to score for a cool fifteen, and we’re pretty sure these guys have more than that in common with the aforementioned beardy musical heroes. Add in to that a strong sense of Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what we have in mind when we think about what these lot sound like and where we reckon they’re headed.

Silences – Santa Cruz


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