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Dear Desert
“Give It Up”

Dear Desert

Woooooooooooo. Slightly hungover. Not in a massive way. A lingering way. Like you’ve been bitten by a mozzie and although that itchy-ass (eurgh…) bite isn’t putting a complete downer on your day – unless you get bitten on the eyelid; we’ve seen that before as well and shit is not cool at all – it is nevertheless there. Who would have thought that Germany were that prepped for the World Cup? We did. No, seriously, despite our clear lack of football knowledge that would otherwise see us elevated to “lad” status (we will never, ever be a lad), we knew that Germany were pretty good to begin with. Jubilation ensued in form of Heineken and chicken wing mutilation (seriously, who eats chicken wings with a knife and fork? We now know of one person. It completely defeats the purpose, for the love of science), and rumour has it we ended up with the three bold Teutonic colours of black, red and yellow on our pointy cheekbone at one point. Go, us. Anyway, alleviating the inevitable onset of this hangover which is now, as we talk about it and therefore acknowledge it a hell of a lot more than we have done during this ridiculously sunny afternoon, is a band called Dear Desert who are not from Germany. Instead, they have decided to be from Ireland, who also boast a tri-coloured national flat, but with different colours entirely. Bit of trivia for you there. Perhaps the chosen nomclature for current Track Of The Day Give It Up should be aimed at poor old Portugal who were, of course, soundly whipped yesterday afternoon; or indeed England, or any number of national teams who really should be contemplating what music their broadcasting licensee for the event should be scheduling for the inevitable crash-out-real-hard montage, when they discover their team is not going into the last sixteen despite what the hype said. Fuckin’ hype huh? On a slightly positive note, hype is something that Dear Desert may find themselves embroiled within at this present time, having picked up online plaudits from hither and thither. We can safely say that it is deserved. While the most cynical among us (in our case, Ben) might well be right in thinking that there are plenty of these singer-songwriter styling spliced with a notion more akin to what producers generally do as opposed to performing artists, we have just pointed out that in isolation that doesn’t actually stop the track from being termed as “real good”. Can you have too much of a good thing? Maybe. For now, we’re richly enjoying this one due to its George Michael marrying Blood Orange undertones. We are also reminded of the works of the really-quite-brilliant-and-we-don’t-care-if-we-are-impartial Esse and Jack Garratt; and on that note we should probably throw James Blake into the mix given that it is nigh on impossible to whack in the aforementioned without him.

Dear Desert – Give It Up

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