We’ve noticed an increased frequency of enquiries (inquiries is different, okay? It really really is) from several members of our ever-at-large social group relating to whether we’re “alright” or not. Y’know, kinda beyond the “alright bruv?” sort of remit. The kinda deep-feels “are you alright” thing. We’re actually fine. Better than fine, actually. Whilst it may seem like we’ve lost our mind about our ostensible bits and bobs, rest assured that we’ve merely changed it. But thanks for asking. We hope you’re alright too, you guys. Anyway, how ’bout this weather? Pretty sunny huh. So much that we enjoyed a rather delicious lunch with our new buddy Rhi who does the equally delicious night known as Brainwave at Old Blue Last (want a one to watch? This lot will do just great) for a full hour which may well constitute fulfillment of what we imagine most normal people would term, well, an actual lunch hour (knew we’d clock it in the end). Stumbling back to l’office much like a pisshead – but very much on the basis of just how many rays we managed to absorb into our already-pretty-rayed-up-bronzed-body, rather than anything to do with alcohol – we found a chappy called Michael getting real cosy on the sofa with Ben, albeit sitting on opposite-facing sofas. Which is nice. We had met Michael before at one of the stag dos showcase-style festivals we’ve been to of late, but we forget which one. Liverpool, probably. That’s where all this shit began. Anyway. Mikey gave us some chat; we gave some in response. We then shared some music. We played him some of our shit. He then in reciprocation played us these guys called Taymir. They are from Holland, and/or The Netherlands if you’re gonna get all FIFA about it, which you might well do given current sporting affairs. Michael gave us a lot of facts – the vast majority of which we have forgotten by the time it has taken us to commit these words to internet – but from what we do remember he said they played Great Escape and did the Artrocker New Blood thingamebob the other day. Way to go guys. The good news is that the music’s real tight, and stands tall and proud within what we would deem the indie rock world. Ain’t nothing clever about it – which weirdly is what is clever about it. Also the singer looks like Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday which makes us happy. Further happiness is instilled when we receive a flavour of The Killers, Arctic Monkeys and perchance a birra The Hives when the wonderfully-titled AAAAAH (we checked and that indeed is the correct quota of A’s) is cranked on full-blast. Video’s pretty trippy too. Have a wonderful weekend yo.

Taymir – AAAAAH


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