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Monster Children

Fuggin’ tired yo. We managed to get to bed at the semi-conservative time of sometime-around-midnight, but much to our visual delight we soon after discovered that the clever fucks at Netflix have gone ahead an whacked a full three series of X-Men (it was a spicy cartoon back in the day, see) onto the delicious streaming-visual internet platform. So we had to stay up for a couple more hours to see Morph’s character get munted. It was sad. So anyway. We woke up. We bathed. We got our shit together and endured the sweltering summery tubey mugginess and all the sweaty souls contained within, went to some meetings, chatted some shit to some guys (and Carly). It feels relatively quiet around here these days. Perhaps our perception of certain things has altered; or more likely is the case that given festival season is in full wreckin’ ball swing that we don’t have nearly as many proverbial monkeys on our not-so-proverbial back. As consequence of all these factors, we are in a relatively silly mood. Sam Faulkner was not happy with our several non sequiturs in a planning meeting earlier today. Sorry Sam. However, as a result of our somewhat-juvenile state of mind today, we’re really getting into these guys called Monster Children. They are from Paris, which is in a country called France. We have been there a couple of times, most recently with our buddy Rogue. The French like us a lot, particularly when we roll with that dude. So on that basis alone we can infer that we and Monster Children would probably get on pretty well; further on the basis that their music as exemplified by current Track Of The Day Radio has an incisive quality to it that we find rather rare in the ostensible genre of synth-led indie-pop. May well have something to do with the appearance of as-of-yet-unidentifiable breasticulars in the video. On a serious note, the Le Tigre via Rilo Kiley via Makthaverskan via Savages (Ben reckons Honeyblood as well, but for once we actually disagree with him) vibes resonate highly with us. Dems good.

Monster Children – Radio


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