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Robyn Sherwell

Robyn Sherwell

Ya ever been on a super intense staggy-do before? Yeah? Nah? How about 5 in real-quick weekly succession? Sound City. Great Escape. Big Weekend. Primavera. We’ve also been told by our buddy Jon “Return Of The” Mac to get the hell ready for Download where apparently we get to touch various members of Linkin Park. Make of that what you will. Set aside the notion that these “music” events are nearly named as if they were some elaborate series of bachelor parties in any event, each one has had its own intrinsic lad-element attached to it, or at least as far as we’re concerned. Its been great, but at this point in time has served primarily to show us that we need to take our current and soon-to-be-current responsibilities a lot more seriously. Generally, this means recognising that we’re not a student any more. We won’t ever really miss a party, show, or festival – mainly as, much like the ostensible football, they will carry on forever and ever and ever anyway, and there is always such a thing as next year in this respect – but in that sense we should be a lot more selective about where, and with whom, we choose to spend our not-so-limitless party energy. We’re now actively applying this to our personal life, seeing as we now fully realise that we do indeed have one. It’s strange; previously when we have been in the post-blow out mindset that we are now currently in, we become introvert, isolated, and very much unsociable. This couldn’t be further from the case this time round. We’re fucking shattered, but we’re unbelievably excited and fired up at the same time for all the cool shit that’s going to happen quite shortly. Like we’ve just woken up from a lucid dream that’s lasted for a year or two. So in contrast to that sentiment, here’s current Track Of The Day Low from the delightful Robyn Sherwell. We’ll tell ya right now; Robyn is cool. She has chat. We went to the pub with her and Jerry and Draper and Esse and Laurel the other day and she can murder a cheeseburger and chips like the best of em. Party on Robyn. She is also cool because the music she makes is pretty sublime and performs highly in the strong vocal:production style ratio. We’re dead excited to see her perform in the reals for the first time at our third-ever Kings Sessions tomorrow, whereby we’re hoping that  the recorded elements encompassing styles like Mr Little Jeans, James Blake, Portishead and Massive Attack are realised in the live context. We’re sure she’ll make our hopes come true.

Robyn Sherwell – Low

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