We absolutely adore this time of year. Mankind’s interaction with the weather and the spiritual interpretations thereof is a rather well-documented one. Peeps have been worshiping the sun since, well, they figured out how to worship at things; in the quasi-biblical-but-we-probably-are-referring-to-pagans-who-are-entirely-different sense. Oddly enough, in the ever-changing social paradigm that music seems to exist within itself, the arrival of the sun invariably means three things: firstly, festivals and a willingness to wanna be outside in general for as long as humanly possible; secondly, and somewhat logically following on from item number one, the drinking of the delicious booze happens way more frequently and indeed in the aforementioned outdoor settings; and thirdly, girls. Bloody girls. One minute they’re hiding in plain sight. Then sun happens, and, well, let’s just say we’re now noticing you a shit-load more than we did about a month ago. Objectifying this may well seem, and indeed may well be. Slightly sleezy? Probably. Just being honest? Always. However, given recent experiences with particular people and certain feelings of liberation that ensue, let’s just say we no longer feel that guilty for thunking these kindsa thoughts. Anyway, suitable soundtrackery arriveth in form of the suitably-titled Girls, by a band called Decorations. They are from LA where allegedly the sun is always shining and therefore the above probably happens on the reg. Our peoples. Or soon to be anyway, at the rate things are going. We, as per usual, know fuck-all about them (or do we? DOOOOO WEEEEEE INDEEEEEEED?) beyond that this is probably the ideal track to take us into what appears to be the start of a rather glorious summer. Y’know, roof-down-hair-blowing-into-the-wind kinda shit that makes it alright to cease thinking of work and get busy living. There’s an inherent almost-50’s rock’n’roll element embedded within that synth line that should have the kids humming along like nobodies business; so we’re gonna go ahead and say this sounds like a beachy equivalent of The Datsuns and Rooney clashing with Mona who are getting dressed up like Rocket From The Crypt. With that synth. Never forget that synth.

Decorations – Girls

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