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City Calm Down

City Calm Down

Management. It’s a funny term really. And can be applied to so many different context in regards to the various facets of what we do here at Killing Moon.  Managing artists. Managing staff. Managing expectations in these respects and beyond. Managing this bastard website that seems to have a mind of its own – and in conjunction with the Gods of The Internet that quite clearly fucking hate us because, well, we take the piss on the reg – so much that it never wants to do what we want it to do when we want it to do…it. Yeah. Actually, that last remark quite succinctly sums up the degree of top-heavy pressure that we so often find ourselves buried under. You all want it all. And you all want it all now. It’s almost as if that if we are anything less than an overly-generous, omnipresent, ever-lasting perpetual know-it-all that various people have propped us up to be in recent years – for example, we have bad days whereby we really don’t feel like answering the phone or replying to the email, but we do due to the ostensible guilt we will inevitably experience if we do not do these things – then we’re considered a massive C-word. We’re seriously considering just being a massive C-word, so that on the rare occasion that we’re actually nice to people then we’ll be spiritually enriched by the whole bloody thing. We really think everyone needs to chill. Seriously. If you guys chill then we will have a license to do the same. Our mentality is intrinsically linked with yours. We are Borg, basically. So, on that note, here’s Australian men (we’re assuming. We have been fooled before. But whatever, y’know?) City Calm Down and their rather-unashamedly 80’s synth poppy Track Of The Day Pavement. Another delicious sonic treat served up by the man-we-have-never-met-but-we-will-always-love Jonathan Garrett. We’ll find you one day man. No matter what occurs. WE. WILL. FIND. YOU. Ahem. So upon first play, this is one of those spicy twists that gets the whole office standing, somewhat erect, and very much to attention. This is what we’d usually describe as Clark-music. He used to play this sort of thing on the reg, intermittently littered in between his own band demos that he was quite rightly very pleased about. Kid likes his 80’s synth music. Nothing wrong with that. We can imagine on tucking into this superb clip below that there is plenty of affinity to be had. JG reckons this sounds like Ian Curtis fronting Cut Copy, or something. Very on-on point. We-sa gonna go ahead and chuck The Bravery, Echo & The Bunnymen and The National into this crunchy groove. Observe.

City Calm Down – Pavement


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