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John Joseph Brill
“Muscle & Bone”

John Joseph Brill

You know when you’ve got all kindsa shit on the go – important kinda shit, where people are depending on you and there’s deadlines and that – and just prior to the management-coined term (that we have somewhat shamefully been caught using far too frequently as of late, giving us at long last that self-assurance that we are indeed turning into everything that we used to hate, and also that we’re surprisingly ok with that as it was bound to happen anyway) “actioning” said-shit, you just shut down entirely? As in, you just stare blankly at the long list of never-ending stories in front of your chudsey face and hope that they’ll just dissipate, much like George Clooney’s character going around cloud-busting in The Men Who Stare At Goats? Nope? Just us? We were kinda secretly hoping that we’d have a fairly relaxed day given the tubes have decided to stop working and more or less banking on the implication that half of you lot might not bother turn up to work today. More fool us. Kinda helping us relax but at the same time leaving our head full of emotive regret – a tenuous subject with us indeed, given that we’re edging ever-closer to our third decade on this planet and we’re actively trying to rid ourselves of any and all baggage before doing so – is this brilliant work of songwriting masterfulness from new-ish guy John Joseph Brill, which goes by the name of Muscle & Bone. We recognise this guy. Not just from several boozy sessions at Notting Hill Arts Club and/or The Defector’s Weld, but also from, well, other places too. Which is nice. We’re pretty sure of the subject matter of this track. We’ve been here before – again, not just the pub that our guy Mr. Brill is sighted attempting to drink dry in the clip below – but in the sense that anyone who has had their heart or head fucked with by another to the degree that either are irrecognisable to their respective owner has surely felt the sensation of hitting the ground pretty hard after the fact; followed by the fork-in-the-road decision one must make in such instances. Do you pick yourself and start again? Or do you destroy yourself? Probably a bit of both, given that usually the latter is conducive to the former. Anyway, this is men-who-know-how-to-feel music, and we can get behind this. By way of references we reckon Mr. Brill has successfully combined the sombre nature of The XX together with the massive indie-pop anthemic mentality of Sons & Lovers, all wrapped up in the mournful-regretfulness that you might expect to subsist in, say, Johnny Cash‘s most-righteous rendition of Nine Inch NailsHurt. Deliciously depressing. We love it. So much that we may well toddle on down to Communion on 1st June at Notting Hill Arts Club to see this big-bearded talent live.

John Joseph Brill – Muscle & Bone


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