Do people generally take compliments very well? Seemingly we do not. No, this isn’t one of those humble-braggy-look-at-me-loooooook-at-meeeeeee style posts; we’re talking about fucking feelings here. Stuff is going well right now. Really well. The kind of stuff we’d find ourselves daydreaming about back when we weren’t allowed anywhere near the kind of shit we’re neck-deep in at the moment, for it being deemed far too big in terms of our capability to handle and also as a means of stamping out any degree of ambition that may or may not have existed at the time. It is almost as if ostensible vindication is the cruelist thing you can do to people like us; indeed we have been observed casually dressed (like we want some money) in deep in conversation with Ben Soep on several occasions claiming that we’re really at our happiest when we have something to antagonise. Davey needs a Goliath’s ass to kick, or at least attempt to. It hadn’t really occurred to us until, well, today that we may have more in common with the big guy than the little guy these days. It makes us sad. But we guess this is all part of growing up. Anyway, all of this shash is probably stemming from the fact that we are once again physically, mentally and somewhat emotionally exhausted, and it’s only fucking Wednesday. It is nice that you lot like our management clientelle so much, but do you really have to go in for them simultaneously? Anyway, no rest for us as we’ve got to head out to another hairbrained-idea-that-has-somehow-turned-into-a-real-thing very shortly, namely Ms D rocking the Barfly to celebrate the release of her debut EP, which of course we’re putting out on Monday. Weeeeeeeeeee. Should be fun. Anyway, here’s Glasgow boys, collectively referred to as Nieves, with a track that seems almost purposefully written in an attempt to get us to calm the fuck down. Its kinda working. We’ve not much on details on these two which is very typical but we swear to science we recognise the guy with the glasses from somewhere. Could this be the latest splinter group or rebrand from an artist that had the heat on them some years ago and now are back for round 2? Are we talking utter shite? Does anyone care? Anyway, point is that Winter is an acoustic delight tinged with the kinda soft-spoken Scottish accented vocal that we’re pretty into right now, given that we have been rinsing Idlewild as of late. In this instance we’re getting vibes of Death Cab For Cutie (Transatlaticism era) bumming Bon Ivor bumming Roddy Womble himself, and gee its real nice.

Nieves – Winter


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