“I’ve Been A Mess”


As is customary following the four-day bender that is the Easter break – and trust us, we know what you lot get up to, probably because we did exactly what you did, and probably with you anyways – we’ve been thinking. Thinking our thoughts. A distinct division has occured in the various hemospheres of our brain, one suitably labelled “personal shit” and the other with the tag “personal but we should really call this work shit” dangling from one of the synapses that hopefully haven’t burnt out from over-use. In respect of the former, a recurring theme that has cropped up from our perspective – or perhaps we just notice it way more in this day and age given that human anthropology and social interactions in general seem to be of particular interest to us since we were a child (at least in the legal sense) about a million years ago – is that we have noticed within our peer group, relationships that have existed for some time either appear to consolidate into the daunting institution of marriage or dissolve entirely to the point it is hard to imagine that they ever existed at all. One of our kin in particular is going through a world of pain right now (anyone who has ever had their heart broken would surely recognise the symptoms as if they were their own) and given their placement in our life as the guardian of all things objective, it is admittedly hard to see them like this. Karate man bleed on the inside, and all that. Indeed, most of the world’s greatest music has been penned around this very concept; and given what we’ve heard from new-guys Parla they may well find them cited alongside such accolades in the not-too-distant future, not least of all through the heart-agonising themes that subsist in current Track Of The Day I’ve Been A Mess. We fucking love this. We love this for what it reperesents, and for the fact that any marketing man involved in this game would find this difficult to lamp into any particular category. Emotronica? Songwriter-producer-core? Sad-step? Real good? Fuck knows. You’re gonna have to make one up, which is quite fun in itself. Take the self-derprication lyricism of Keaton Henson and some of the ultra-gutting bits of Mancheter Orchestra‘s debut album (most of that shit’s pretty depressing, awesomely so) and combine it with the progressive musical nature of Malpas and Duologue, and you may come close to thinking what we’re thinking when it comes to this.


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