“Are you drunk?”, our mother just asked us on the way back from the parental weekend retreat in, um, Hendon (the locale is gash – sorry Hendon – but the view of Wembley Stadium is nuts and we’ll never understand how a land developer actually got permission to build in a conservation area). No, mum. We’re not drunk. Just high on life. We WERE drunk yesterday; given that we have adopted the no-plan-plan for the somewhat unanticipated long weekend – Friday in particular threw us off because we didn’t actually realise it wasn’t Saturday until way later, which KM homebrew Cara Dattani can attest to given that she was helping us sink several varieties of real-expensive cocktails in Soho at the time of said-realisation – we pleased to report that it’s worked out pretty well. Shit, we’ve done pretty much everything. EVERYTHING. From seeing These New Puritans in a full orchestral ensemble at The Barbican on Thursday (sorry we were late), to the impromtu cocktail party on Friday, followed by a well thought-out Highgate gathering featuring the Draper (who spontaneously came up with a wicked-cool idea which we’re running with now and hoping to unveil real shortly to you lot) plus Niteflights and associates (s’up Cam) and a vast array of ales that ultimately resulted in us hip hopping all the way to Koko to see Madlib basically pulling some mad ripe shapes and discuss a plethora of revelatory life issues with one our oldest friends Adal. Oh, and we discovered there is such a thing as a giant Kinder Egg. That made us happy. All of that made us so fucking happy. Appropriate soundtracking in contrast to what might be the torrential rain equivelent of Raknarok currently going on in the skies of Ealing comes from Danish sound crew Lowly and our current Track Of The Day suitably entitled Daydreamers. There appears to be five of em, and they’re, well, Danish we guess. That’s really all we know. Funny huh. Music-wise we’re getting the noise-expansiveness of Cults and M83, guided through to the listener via the pop articulation of M83 and Grimes. Or something like that. We wish we could write more blatherings about this but we’re now being bollocked by mum to go eat dinner. It’s good to be home. Happy Easter youse lot.

Lowly- Daydreamer


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