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Joseph and The Bird
“How Will I Know”

Joseph & The Bird

We have a pretty turbulent relationship with covers. We judge people, artists, whatever to the Nth degree based on their rework-ability. For instance, anyone could write a song. Seriously, they could. Whether that song is any good or not is debatable, but humans have been creating musical works for quite some time ever since they worked out that slamming your hands together with some force and/or vigour creates a noise universally referred to as a clap. Quality of originality is debatable; the creation of original works is not (or at least that’s what we tell all the musicologists in copyright litigation, AMIRIGHTGUYS?). The idea of taking someone else’s work or art (again, depending on how you look at it) and frigging with it in an attempt to showcase one’s one vocal or indeed musical talent is one that we personally usually have trouble coming to terms with, which is probably to do with how more often than not we feel we’re right about everything and indeed principles that we hold dear are central to that particular theme. Then again, we’ve been making a lot of changes recently – and to be quite honest, when we were sent this debut offering from new girl-and-a-guy Joseph & The Bird from someone that we haven’t heard from in a very, very long time in the last few days, the decision to put our nonsensical prejudices to one side on this occasion was in fact pretty easy.  The perfect cover should in fact to take someone else’s stuff, and make it your own as a means to allude to exactly how fucking great the covering artist’s original bits will be; indeed on the first few spins in the office, at least half of the full compliment of Team Killing Moon didn’t recognise this as a cover at all, and rather thought this is the latest thorn in the side of a weird James Blake/Dems/Laurel conglomerate. It’s just that good, and the video is cool as shit as well. In terms of finer deets on these two, we can infer that at least one of them is called Joseph, and we’re assuming the other is “The Bird”. Which is who, based on the above picture, we will leave to you to decide, but do bear in mind what we’ve just said about presumptions and prejudices. We can also infer with a bit more confidence than our previous inference that whatever these guys come up with next is something to keep your eyes and ears out for.

Joseph and The Bird – How Will I Know


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