What’s the opposite of inspired? Drained? Diminished? Bit buggered? Something like that? We just met possibly our most-looked-up-to producer of all time (and tried not to look as if we were losing our shit in the process to a degree of success we might add) and it has made us realise that we’ve spent a significant amount of time this year and the last being distracted by shit that really doesn’t matter. It made us remember not only what inspiration means, but what it actually feels like. Something that propagates what you are doing, often when you need it the most, and in our case on those periodic occassions whereby we question whether what we are doing, or rather why we are doing it, is worth the effort anymore. It really is easy to lose one’s head in the grind of something we truly loved once upon a time; and it is nice to know that all we need is a monthly miracle to happen in order to spurn us on. Sweet times. Inspired and/or inspiring may well be a word that new peeps JUDE may well have to get used to in the coming months, given the degree of ambition and songwritery-masterfulness that exists during the time it takes to play through current Track Of The Day Crystals which also seems to be coursing its way through the blogs like a pretty duck atop a mega-clear pond on a day like this. Given that we’ve gotta go in, like, a minute, we’ll leave this with you lot along with the daydreams that this conjures up in our heads of Bjork melding with Duologue, or Lykke Li fronting Malpas. Also props to JUDE for whacking the phrase “you’ll see what you want to see” on their Facebook blurb thingy, which happens to be one of our favourite repetitive/screamy lyrics from Poison The Well‘s You Come Before You. Anyway. See ya.

JUDE – Crystals

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