“These Eyes”


Good news, you beautiful people. We thought we had a meeting starting about 5 minutes ago. But it turns out we don’t. Sweet relief. Yes, that sure has been the order of this week. We’ve been so buried under a mountain of spreadsheets, license approvals, financial forecasts, HMRC liabilities, rights collection society registrations (do you have any idea how many songs Draper and Rogue have? DO YOU? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?), release announcements, clubnight and tour line ups, guestlists, this, that, the fucking other. All the shit that basically no-one in music wants to do, or rather given recent experience has any idea about how to go about doing so, yet are absolutely necessary in order to keep this party going. The more you clear out, the more they just keep piling it on. All of these activities and the inherent stresses that layeth withineth meant that the first half of this week has left us particularly subdued – we were noticeably more grumpy than usual on Monday – and indirectly has kept us away from what we love doing the most. Which is writing about new music and moaning about everything else. Which is what we’re doing right now. Sam Faulkner may well have picked up on our “don’t fucking look at me” face earlier today and we’re hoping in an attempt to get us the chill the hell out he sent us this spicy bugger from Byron Bar in Australia called Tora. Well, even if he didn’t, it is very much working in that way. These Eyes very much sums up about what we love about the modern and often online-focused hybrid of indie and electronic musics. The flow is effortless. The vocal soothes our soul, and reminds us we still have one. We’re not left waiting for a drop or a climax because all we want is for the chillwave to continue indefinitely. Think about Bon Iver suddenly getting real familiar with James Blake to form a Little Dragon-esque live project, whilst recruitment pretty much every member of Dems and Duologue along the way for party times and laid-back boom-ups. And while you’re thinking about that, get involved with this.

Tora – These Eyes

Actually, here’s a whole thudding EP for youse guys.

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