“Bright Lights”


Today probably represents the first day in quite some time that we have spent almost exclusively on our larry. It is quite remarkable; it was around about this time last year that we decided there was something quite clearly wrong with us, where we found ourselves in the regular habit of coming-to around the midday mark on a Saturday afternoon – given that the weekends really are/were the only times that we could recover from the working and/or playing week preceeding it – and upon waking we would get stuck right back in their in an attempt to get a jump on the week ahead, or indeed start making up new and more-crackpot ideas alluding thereto. Essentially, we were perceived or perceiving ourselves as living for work; or rather if you are anything less than balls-out hyperactive-sociable with all and sundry all the time, you are perceived as such. We are now right back in that mode, and actually we couldn’t be much happier. We cooked our own lunch – as in collated the raw ingredients and proceeded to assemble them, albeit to a recipe because we’re pretty novice at this shit – for the first time in two years today. We MADE a fish. Haddock specifically. Sauce and everything. We certainly didn’t buy any fucking prosecco or crumpets or peanut butter from Sainsburys today, let us tell ya. We can consider this a mini-macrocosmic attempt to finally pursue what we really want to do rather than continuing to live through others; and one of those things that we wish we did last year/fully intend on doing this year is tap up CMJ, who also happen to be bigging up new gal Bedouin by virtue of premiering the rather potentially-cinematic-award-winning video for our current Track Of The Day called Bright Lights. From what we can tell, Ms B likes to wonder about on her larry as well, or at least in persuit of the observation of others undertaking a similar activity. She looks sad, somewhat nostalgically so, and with a facial expression perfectly projecting the internal turmoil suffered by those walking around with a broken heart. Or something like that. We are admittedly having a hard time identifying who we think this sounds like. Lykke Li. Daughter. Joanna Newsom. Father John MistyMark E EverettCat Power. All these names come close to putting this into context yet in our head none of them seem to fit. Or maybe we just don’t know that much about anything at all. Which in a way makes this even more great.

Bedouin – Bright Lights

Bedouin – The City


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